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Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc. (QHF) was founded in the spring of 1995. QHF is a privately owned company located in the Texas Hill Country. We specialize in every aspect involving wood and synthetic gym floor, rubber weight-room floors, PVC-dance floors, aerobic and stage floors. This includes repairs, annual refinishing, sanding, painting, finishing, new installations and replacements.

QHF coats over 1.5 million square feet of wood flooring each year across the state of Texas. Approximately 90% of our work is performed for public school districts while the other 10% of the work is performed for private schools, public and private universities, and NBA teams. Our highly trained employees and managers give us the ability to perform work of any size, from one school to entire school districts. We have the expertise and experience to perform the work under extreme scheduling requirements while traveling great distances to each facility.

Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc.
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